Political Ideology Test
Political CompassThe Political Compass - This is probably the most famous political ideology test on the net. It places test-takers on a two-dimensional political axis at the end of the test. [62 questions]
The horizontal axis shows the traditional left-right spectrum based on economic values. The vertical axis places the test-taker on a social scale from libertarian to authoritarian.
Moral PoliticsThe Moral Politics Test - This test places test-takers on a 'moral matrix' grid, similar in appearance to the political compass. It defines users politically based on their personal morality.
The horizontal axis ranks 'moral order' based on one's ideal world view. The vertical axis places the test-taker on a 'moral rules' scale based on the rules one considers best for achieving their ideal moral order.

What next? Well, if after having taken the tests linked here you are interested in discussing politics why not take part in an Internet discussion forum dedicated to the topic, such as The Politics Forum? Debating issues with others can challenge preconceptions you might have had, help your learn new information and can sometimes completely change your views on certain topics. It can be interesting to re-visit the political ideology tests after debating on a political discussion board for a while and see if your results have changed.

For more specific tests check out the more political ideology tests page.

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